Would you love to have your own makeup custom blended for you? All organic products for skin care AND hair care? (Seriously, some of the skin care products are edible!!) Then you need to stop in and see the girls at EliJana and Tella to You. They’re both in the same beautiful historic building in downtown Athens….lots of natural light and hardwood floors! We had the pleasure of working with them on an ACCA project and we had a blast.



They are the only company in town carrying the products they sell, and they’re super helpful in guiding you through the process of finding what’s right for you. And they’re fun to hang out with!


Want to learn more? Visit or Tell them ZoomWorks sent you.


Easy-Does-It Party Hair Styles for the New Year

After all the stress of the holiday shopping is past, and you just want to relax and have fun, these soft, easy but sexy hair styles are just the thing to keep you looking your best.  Big soft curls, loosely fingered out, pieces pulled back and held with a hidden pin, and a bit of spray to hold in place, and you’re done!  Show off those great locks without saying you worked too hard to get them ; we’ll toast to that!!!

Hair styling here compliments of our friend Stephanie at A La Fera Salon in Athens, Georgia.

Beauty and the Beach

We love photographing “Trash the Dress” sessions.  Having fun and creating beautiful images is our idea of the perfect day.   We photographed Jenni at St. Simons Island since the beach was a special place to her.  Hair, Makeup and Styling by ZoomWorks.

Sexy is a State of Mind

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, and the world awash in pink and red, we thought we would take a moment and reflect on our Haute Shot sessions as the most unique gift to give or get.

Start a conversation about sexy and you’ll get all kinds of input and ideas about what it is.  What we know is that it’s all in the mind of the beholder.  Sexy doesn’t require lingerie, hot oil, whips or chains.  It can be as simple as a GREAT dress, or that perfect pair of shoes that make you walk with a swagger.  Or feeling confident.  Confidence is super sexy.  And so is a great smile.

Whatever it is, the most important thing to remember is that it’s uniquely yours.  And no one but you needs to feel the power that feeling sexy can bring to make it valid.  If we were to capture your ‘sexy’ on film, it may be just that – the precious way you smile and tilt your head when you do it.  Or your favorite jeans and maybe his shirt?  Your personality coming through in the image is what will resonate with loved ones.  Don’t worry so much about what you wear as about being who you are.  It’s much more effective to BE sexy than to ACT sexy.  And getting you to that place is what we do as professional photographers.  With an all female team, you are surrounded by people who ‘get’ you, who understand that the media constantly holds up an unrealistic standard for women of all ages.  We love to break that mold every chance we get.  Don’t you???

A Model Story: Dawn Holt

Kayla works her styling magic on our model.

During her shoot, our client Dawn Holt showed us her many sides as both a model and a person. She was able to take on many looks and styles and embody each one as her own and give us a large platform of looks to work with.

We were also fortunate enough to learn about Dawn’s story and appreciate her on a whole new level. Dawn is in the navy, working in the Supply Department of aviation. She is stationed out Yokosuka, Japan, working on the USS George Washington which is at sea for about six months out of the year. The USS George Washington is a nuclear aircraft carrier that just returned from the Yellow Sea in Korea. This was the ship that would have protected South Korea if North Korea were to attack. Thankfully nothing happened but working on a war ship puts Dawn at the risk of being called out at any moment to fight for America’s freedom.

We want to thank you, Dawn, for your protection and dedication to our country! We wish you safe travels and hope to see you again very soon. Stay strong girl!

The last word in photography

ZoomWorks Photography….where to begin? First of all we love photography, we love people and we love the opportunity to capture someones essence, spirit and true emotions with our camera.
The “we” of ZoomWorks is our amazing team. Headed by Founders Shannah Cahoe Montgomery and Marisu Wehrenberg. Their respective backgrounds in fine art, photojournalism, fashion and styling led to the ZoomWorks vision and guides everything we do. Our extremely talented associates Deanna Pieniaszek and Alex Martinez, and our crew of faithful and amazing assistant photographers bring their own unique flair to the team.

We spend a lot of time at weddings and LOVE them. It’s not the kind of thing you can do half-heartedly, and certainly not for the 7 years and more than 1000 weddings we’ve photographed since the founding of ZoomWorks in 2000.

Traveling to destination weddings is always a pleasure, and can also present a unique set of challenges… but it’s always worth it when we get back amazing images! This year we’ve spent time on the Florida and Georgia coasts and in St. Thomas. Highlights have included the breathtaking views from the cliffs on St. Thomas, with the couple looking so amazing and radiating such pure, beautiful love that it could eclipse the natural beauty around them. There was the great beach party in Treasure Island, Fl and those gorgeous Gulf sunsets.  -Marisu and Shannah