As many of you know, we have a handsome studio cat. His name is Z. He takes his role of mascot seriously, making sure every client feels welcome.That is unless, of course, you have allergies. And then he’ll simply smile at you from his perch outside our studio window.


Following us one day as we were shooting on location around our grounds years ago, he decided that we’d make good ‘parents’ and moved in. He was a thin young man, but he’s gotten much ‘happier’ now. So happy, in fact, that our wonderful vet, Sharon Wong has suggested that we work on lessening his ‘happy’ for his own good. Poor baby.


His favorite pastimes are sitting in the makeup chair (ready for his close up) or discovering new and fabulous fabrics we bring into the studio for projects. Ever the camera hog, he’s sure to get in at least one of your photos if you’re working around the studio.


He’s so easy and a joy to have around with his soft little purr greeting every morning. He’ll even oversee your work on the computer, making sure you ‘get it right’ especially when ‘waxing loquaciously about him.

Shannah had never had a cat until Z took up with us. He’s won her over completely – a fact that we’re sure he’s proud of. Seriously…who could resist that face?


Do you have a cat that works with you?


Bad Kitty Busted

Bad kitty busted
Knock next time, why don’t you……

Our studio cat, Z, is a constant source of inspiration and amusement. Plus, he’s darn good looking don’t you agree? He found us actually. Shannah was shooting one day, down in the river that our studio overlooks, and this pretty young cat came up, curious, and followed her out on the rocks in the water. He stayed with Shannah and the models the entire time, and when they got back to the studio, with him still in tow, it was apparent that he had decided we would make good ‘parents’.

At night he has the run of the studio. By day he stays busy ‘courting’ the sweet young female kitten next door, much to her chagrin. His other favorite pass times (besides eating), are playing with fabrics and hair. Small children delight in the fact that they can pet him without being shredded and he really doesn’t mind the occasional dog that wanders in for a portrait.
Z in sink

What would life be without a studio cat? Certainly a lot less fun. And Z would add that it would be ‘boring really’. So there’s that.

Sweet Cooper, you will be missed!

One of our clients’ dear pup, Cooper, a gorgeous and absolutely lovable yellow lab, passed away this winter.  As a teenager, she was at Erica and Michael’s wedding, decked out in flowers, and years later, after their little girl was born, sat quietly attentive at every session we did with the family at their home, posing here and there if asked.  A natural in front of the camera.  Pets bring such joy to our lives.  And break our hearts when they leave.  So glad we could capture her personality and sweet demeanor, however briefly.