As the weather begins to warm up (boy, are we ready for it this year!) our thoughts turn to annual outdoor portraits. We thought it might be fun to just run through some ideas on how to prepare.


Timing – let’s face it, we’re all going in a million directions, especially with kids. Generally, children do better in the morning, and we like to keep the sessions playful. Less structure results in more natural moments and expressions. Whether it’s a week day or a weekend, look to secure a morning session if you have little ones.

Wardrobe – we are fans of monochromatic color palettes, or if you’re a color person, keep it primary. It keeps the images from being dated and allows the viewer to focus on the fun and the family.


Final Product – if you’ve made it a point to schedule a family portrait on a regular basis, think about how they will displayed together in your home. Whether it will be a stand alone image, or another ‘chapter’ in a grouping, considering the colors of the room and the nature of the framing can help us focus (no pun intended!) on what’s important so we get that shot. Laying out these decisions in a thoughtful way ahead of time helps us as artists to be mindful of the orientation of the images themselves as we’re shooting and whether they will be spotlighted in black and white or color. It will also make a difference in the way we approach our composition.


Reserve a time in advance – of course we can’t control the weather, but it’s always a good idea to call early to be sure that you can get the day and time that’s best for your family (like the morning appointment we talked about earlier) and then get it on the calendar. With so many commitments in our lives, having a firm appointment that everyone is good with helps guarantee that you won’t realize at the end of a season “gosh, we’ve let another season go by without capturing our growing family.” We hate regrets. Children grow up so quickly, and photographs are a great way to help document that process, freezing precious stages of their lives.

how time flies (1)

Our studio will be offering some spring specials again this year, and if you’d like details and available dates, write to us at We look forward to working with all of you again this year!