When we heard that Meg and Mitch had settled on Jekyll Island, we were so happy for them. It’s the perfect mix of southern charm and casual elegance. Their rehearsal dinner on the lawn was bathed in the light from the lanterns hung in the old live oak branches and the full moon that hung low in the sky.


In the middle of a long lasting winter, the bright blue and white decor and vibrant sunshine brightened all our moods. After a wedding filled with laughter, family and beautiful sunsets, the couple woke the next morning and drove to Savannah to spend it with friends that were not in attendance at the wedding, sharing stories and selfies from the night before!!


Finally, on the last day of their long weekend, he couple were whisked away on a plane to the Riviera in Mexico for a week of relaxation and the royal treatment. What a perfect end to a wedding weekend love story.



A Red Hot Carnival Affair

A while back, we had the honor of shooting Kimberly and Joshua’s big day at the Farmington Depot Gallery. Every detail combined perfectly to form a ’50s inspired circus-themed wedding. Want to see more? Kimberly and Joshua’s wedding was just featured on The Lovely Find. Although the snow is looking beautiful today, take a moment to escape the cold weather and daydream of something a bit warmer!


Something old, Something new…

We brought Lindsay and John back for an encore we loved working with them so much! Taylor-Grady framed them perfectly, and European Floral added the perfect touch with the gorgeous southern inspired florals and silver antique details. A very inviting table, don’t you think? Please, pull up a chair and enjoy some champagne.

2013_taylorgrady_styled shoot2




Beverly and Raymond tie the knot in Lonesome Valley

When we were first contacted by Elizabeth from I Do Events about a couple she was working with in North Carolina, we were super excited. Just the name evoked mystique…..Lonesome Valley.



The location was a part of the bride’s family’s summer memories, and it’s easy to see why it would be on a short list of venues for any couple. Astounding views, genuine hospitality and some of the best food we’ve ever eaten for starters. Canyon Kitchen, the restaurant on property open to the public is at once laid back, elegant and innovative in their approach to farm-to-table cuisine.




Having Beverly’s daughters involved in the day was very important to her. The bond between them and their new step-father was obvious and heart warming. The couple chose to let the natural surroundings make the ‘statement’ choosing subtle whites, off-whites, sand and taupe as the colors of the day. Beverly’s gown was a vision of pale pink, floating softly about her feet. Her bouquet was adorned with buttons from her Grandmother and one of her Grandmother’s hankies.




Her bridesmaids (her two precious daughters) wore a deep purple to honor Beverly’s mothers fight against cancer. The florist made them flower balls, in hues of lavender and deep purple, of a special carnation flown in from France. Raymond’s tie was covered in peacock feathers and the men’s boutonnieres were made of succulents.


There were also peacock feathers throughout the floral theme, some tied to little pieces of wood upon which were written love notes that hung from the end of wooden pews covered in burlap. Others were tucked into the floral centerpieces on the tables. And perched atop the massive outdoor fireplace was a faux white peacock, whose tail hung down along the rock face below the mantel (He was of course removed before a fire was started later that evening!)



The happy couple with their daughters led the procession of family and guests from the ceremony site to the reception along a gravel walkway adorned with handmade trail markers. They waved ribbon banners as they walked, laughing, to their party.


As the sun set behind the Blue Ridge Mountains, the trees and back terrace came alive with subtle lighting creating an inviting space for conversation, cocktails and a wonderful spread of appetizers.



When the time came for the couple to cut the cake, their ‘love’ sign behind them cast a soft glow, providing a sweet and simple statement of what the day was all about for them.


Guests were treated to homemade ice cream and after dinner coffee specials as people continued to dance. When the time came to leave, the couple walked through a tunnel of sparklers, stopping momentarily to kiss to the delight of all their guests.


The perfect end to a truly perfect day. That night, Lonesome Valley was anything but.




Lonesome Valley, North Carolina

Professional Party Rentals

Get Lit Special Event Lighting

Elizabeth Fletcher, I Do Events Atlanta

Rooms in Bloom

East Coast Entertainment, The Boomers



Christi and Baxter came to us through a mutual friend and we loved them right off. Their easy manner and matter-of-fact approach to the wedding planning were a good fit for us.


We think this event shows off how one can turn a pretty backyard into a romantic ceremony site with a little help from family and friends.


Great details like the arbor they were married under that was custom-built by friends, the slice of tree trunk that became the wedding cake plate……..lots of textures in the flowers arranged beautifully in a soft cascade around the tables, chairs and at the entrance way – all this set the tone for a simple but elegant family affair. As they excited the ceremony they were serenaded by a brilliant violinist – also part of their family.


Even Christi’s dress seemed like an heirloom passed down from one generation to the next. Soft and delicate, we think she chose the perfect dress for the occasion. And his suit in linen with a dapper bow tie added just the right amount of southern style.


The couple decided to have their reception party in downtown Macon, where they live, with great food, music and a real opportunity to reconnect with old friends. The weather smiled on them – rain threatened but was kept at bay but for a very brief moment during the reception. And knowing them, it wouldn’t have phased them in the least. Their love for each other, family and friends were all that mattered that night. A perfect evening indeed.




Hannah and David in Occasions Magazine!

We love what we do here at ZoomWorks, and we enjoy being part of a couple’s special day. Last year in Columbus, we shot Hannah and David’s wedding, and our photos from that day have been published by Occasions Magazine! We are so honored to be able to share our work, and we hope that you will check it out!


A Roaring Affair

Some couples decide to go a more modern route for planning their wedding. Erin and Jason, however, incorporated details that could transport you back in time to the Roaring Twenties. The lovely couple’s wedding was held a few years ago at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia followed by the reception at the Foundry Park Inn & Spa. Erin looked stunning in her slender, silhouette dress and the birdcage veil added a timeless look with her chin length bob. Later, she changed into a sequined flapper-esque cocktail dress, and the newlyweds partied the night away Gatsby style.




Goodbye Veil, Hello Floral

Weddings and flowers have gone together since, well, forever! They’re spotted on reception tables, down the aisle and in your hands. But this wedding season has given florals a new place to call home– your hair. We worked with Atlanta floral artist, Amy Osaba, on an editorial that featured gorgeous examples of just how unique the pieces can be– from soft to exotic. Some brides are opting to use floral hair pieces instead of veils, and we’ve gotta say, we love it! They’re feminine and flirty, but not too casual. Arrangements can be used to complement the setting and add to the bride’s color palette.

The shots below feature pieces from Amy Osaba. Add soft colored flowers for a classic look, or play it up with bright colors– whichever you choose, these hair pieces can make a statement.


Here’s European Floral Design’s take on the trend.



2013_Wolf Mt_Mikella&Mike62013_Wolf Mt_Mikella&Mike6a

2013_Wolf Mt_Mikella&Mike1

2013_Wolf Mt_Mikella&Mike2

You’ve heard it said that ‘once is not enough’ and that’s how Mikelle and Micheal felt about their wedding venue, Wolf Mountain Vineyard. Of course it was perfect for their wedding vision, but they also loved the idea that they could visit again, for an overnight stay, Sunday brunch or even lunch/dinner for a special occasion and relive the day again. Not many venues you can say that about!

2013_Wolf Mt_Mikella&Mike3

2013_Wolf Mt_Mikella&Mike4

Love was in the air and the theme of the day, with little ‘love notes’ tied along the aisle for the ceremony, and sweet musings about love in a framed poster near the gift table. A sweet handmade string of flag letters tied to an old suitcase let people know where to place their well wishes. And Mikelle’s florist brought a bit of bright green into the mix with her bouquets. Her gown, with it’s simple overlay of lace, looked amazing on her. Zoomworks created a soft, romantic hairstyle and makeup palette to compliment the gown.

2013_Wolf Mt_Mikella&Mike5

During the ceremony, and for the early part of the cocktail hour, the couple had a delightful young man, John, sing and we were so impressed with him that we have sought him out for other events! Thank you Mikelle and Michael for the introduction.

It was a lovely party, from eery little table detail to the shouts of joy at the end of the night as the couple ran to their getaway car and we took a little love away with us that night too. It was, after all, in the air.

2013_Wolf Mt_Mikella&Mike7

Resource guide

photography: zoomworks
hair/makeup: marisu of Zoomworks
venue: wolf mountain vineyard
florist jose carly
music: guitar – john amoroso, DJ – Ted Crowder
Cake: Cecilia Villaveces


The lovely couple chose the State Botanical Garden of Georgia’s Day Chapel, and don’t let the winter chill deceive you– this place is breathtaking during any season. Everything from the rehearsal dinner at Heirloom to the cozy reception at The Foundry Park Inn and Spa made the weekend unforgettable. The live music brought everyone to their feet and kept the celebration alive.


What made you choose the location?

We chose the Georgia Botanical Garden’s Day Chapel because of its simple, organic beauty. The light that shines in on the chapel is gorgeous; the carved wood is stunning; and setting in the woods just felt right.  After meeting with Casey at the Foundry Park Inn, we felt confident that the ballroom would be a perfect venue for our reception. They take care of everything and know exactly how to put on a magical reception.

What was your inspiration while planning the big day?

We tried to keep it simple, but you know how that goes. Luckily, I had lots of help from loving friends and family.  My maid of honor, Erica Rudy, who used to work for Martha Stewart in ad design and now works for American Girl, designed and sent out our wedding invitations. They were so personal and perfect.  Brittany at Gardenia Floral really helped me pick out my wedding colors when we picked out the bouquets. I have been so impressed with Gardenia Floral. They even got me last-minute roses to decorate my house for the wedding weekend. They were always friendly, responsive, and full of brilliant ideas.  They also did the flowers for the bridal party champagne brunch on Saturday morning — absolutely gorgeous!

What was one of your favorite parts of the weekend?

We loved our rehearsal dinner at Heirloom.  They did a perfect job making everyone feel right at home. The food was, of course, delicious, and they opened up the old garage doors for all our friends to join us for a drink after the meal.  They do amazing work.

Any advice for other brides?

Don’t sweat it.  At the end of the day, all that matters is that Logan and I are married.



Resource Guide

Gown: David’s Bridal

Hair: Model Citizen Salon

Venue: State Botanical Garden of Georgia and The Foundry Park Inn and Spa

Floral Design: Gardenia Floral Design

Cake: Publix

Music: Soul Committee