Would you love to have your own makeup custom blended for you? All organic products for skin care AND hair care? (Seriously, some of the skin care products are edible!!) Then you need to stop in and see the girls at EliJana and Tella to You. They’re both in the same beautiful historic building in downtown Athens….lots of natural light and hardwood floors! We had the pleasure of working with them on an ACCA project and we had a blast.



They are the only company in town carrying the products they sell, and they’re super helpful in guiding you through the process of finding what’s right for you. And they’re fun to hang out with!


Want to learn more? Visit or Tell them ZoomWorks sent you.



One of the first questions we get asked before women come in for their boudoir sessions is what do I wear – that moment when you peer into your closet or your drawers to try to find those elements of clothing that say ‘you’ + sexy. Not always as easy as it seems. And it isn’t always lingerie – sometimes its a sheer dress, or even his button down shirt – with nothing else but those fabulous Jimmy Choos. But we digress………if it’s lingerie you’re looking for, the Trashy Diva, with two locations in New Orleans – the Quarter and Magazine Street – will get you there. An amazing collection of thoughtful and outrageous styles to choose from and super cool fashion mavens to help you make the final decisions.

When you buy something from this store, you’re going to want to have it photographed. We’re just sayin…… the next time you visit the Big Easy, check them out. And tell them ZoomWorks sent you.

2013_lingerie insert


We created the BridalStyle Series in response to a request for ideas and information about how to create stylish but uniquely personal wedding events.  We based the design of each chapter on the personality of the Bride and created around her.  This chapter in the series was a departure in many ways – but demonstrates that, no matter what your ‘theme’, there are so many wonderful ways your vendors can help create your vision.

With this fanciful addition, the marvelous venue gave us great natural light framed by warm wood floors, and also helps puts a performance spin on the whole affair.  Our model for this shoot was adept at unicycling, so that was our starting point for the vision – along with some gorgeous girls that could do aerial tricks as bridesmaids.  Jeni, our makeup artist, created a ‘doll-like’ face to reinforce the costume feel. Bright colors and an anything but serious demeanor pushed this creative effort to the top.  With popcorn box vases, and polka dot ribbons, giant candy suckers tucked into bouquets and held by the ‘bridesmaids, you can enjoy the ‘show’ at every turn.

We realize that not everyone can or would want to hang from the ceiling or ride a unicycle, but the most important thing we took away from this shoot was that ceremonies are lots of things to lots of people.  And if you stay true to yourself, and what makes you happy – and let your professional vendors help you turn those dreams into reality, you’ll be sure to be the star of your show every time.  Don’t be hemmed in by ‘shoulds’ – it’s YOUR wedding day and it should reflect who you are and what love means to you as a couple.

What character in the circus would your groom want to be?  Master of ceremonies?  The Strong Man?



models:  MacKenzie, Anne and Mazie


makeup:  Jeni Smith with ZoomWorks

wardrobe:  Canopy and ZoomWorks

Bridal Style Series: The Modern Bride

‘Opening up yet another fragment of the frontier of beauty….’


Continuing our efforts to explore stylish options for today’s bride, we are focusing on the Modern Bride.  She’s a fashionista, stays up with the trends and loves making a statement.  We chose Hotel Indigo in Athens for its sleek, urban design.  The simple, geometric lines compliment her sleek, form-fitting mermaid gown from I Do I Do Bridal.

We chose to play off the pickups in the gown with an up sweep of her hair, finished with a cascade of gentle curls down her back, showing off lots of beautiful shoulder and skin.  Sparkle is key, and the long ear rings and beautiful comb set off her dark complexion.

The flowers were kept simple, and sleek, a repeating theme, and European Floral’s  choice of calla lilies was perfect.  Graphic, yet elegant.  Glass vases combined on the tables in interesting shapes with single blooms or stones or branches create interest on the tables and are don’t block any one’s view.   Large silver branches in over sized containers provided another way to add silver and shimmer to the room simply and easily, but with big impact.

Our Modern Bride, played here by our lovely model, Sabrina, has fun with her perspective, and loves to be the center of attention.  And in this stunning dress surrounded by these fabulous details and gorgeous architecture, she’s sure to make that happen.

What’s next in the Bridal Style series?  The Classic Bride

What kind of bride are you?

Thank you Hotel Indigo, I Do I Do Bridal, and European Floral Designs for helping us bring the second chapter of our BridalStyle Series to life.

Photography and Art Direction: Shannah Montgomery and Marisu Wehrenberg of ZoomWorks
Hair and Make-up: Marisu Wehrenberg of ZoomWorks
Location: Hotel Indigo, Athens GA
Gown: Casablanca ARIA gown from I Do I Do Bridals
Jewelry: I DO I Do Bridals
Bouquet and Floral: European Floral Design
Model: Sabina


We’ve been commissioned to do a series on the various ways that brides can bring our their personal style at the wedding with their choice of gown and flowers, jewelry, venue, etc.  The first one out of the shoot (no pun intended!) is our Organic Vintage Bride who loves simplicity and natural elements combined with something old, like vintage broches, antique gowns, soft color palettes done in a new way.

Oscars 2012 Embodies Glamour and Achievement

This year’s 84th Annual Academy Awards was held this past Sunday. It would’ve been quite the experience to attend, but we were front and center with our television. From the beautiful gowns and dapper tuxedos to the spectacular Cirque du Soleil, the Oscars was quite the sight. One of our favorite parts is the fashion of course. Angelina Jolie looked fab in her Atelier Versace gown, and Brad Pitt was a fine match in his Tom Ford tux. Other showstoppers were Jessica Chastain in her Alexander McQueen gown and Jennifer Lopez in a plunging Zuhair Murad gown.

Look at one of our own Oscar-esque shoots. Who says you have to be famous to have it all. You can come in your award show best and have us be the paparazzi to prove it.

No Excuse for Boring Hair

Are you bored with your hair??  Want to make a change, but not ready for something permanent?  We have just the solution…extensions!  These are made from real hair, beautifully colored and cut in lengths from just bangs, to a full head of hair!  Baltrain, the company that makes them, is based in New York and have patented the design such that they blend in perfectly with your own hair and fit close to the head comfortably.  They are so easy to put on and take out, and are reasonably priced considering the quality.  They can be treated just like your own hair.  Fun fun!  They’re available from A La Fera Salon on Atlanta Highway.

Easy-Does-It Party Hair Styles for the New Year

After all the stress of the holiday shopping is past, and you just want to relax and have fun, these soft, easy but sexy hair styles are just the thing to keep you looking your best.  Big soft curls, loosely fingered out, pieces pulled back and held with a hidden pin, and a bit of spray to hold in place, and you’re done!  Show off those great locks without saying you worked too hard to get them ; we’ll toast to that!!!

Hair styling here compliments of our friend Stephanie at A La Fera Salon in Athens, Georgia.

How to Get Award-Winning Hair & Make-Up for Your Wedding

Picking a hair style got you down? Don’t know a thing about make-up? Even if you normally don’t wear much make-up, having it professionally done for your wedding is highly recommended. Plus, it makes it easier on you knowing you’ll be a perfect 10 on your wedding day.


As with your dress, consider your style AND your venue. Letting your make-up artist know ahead of time if you will be inside, or out, will allow her to prepare herself, and you, for the optimum results. Also, stay well hydrated in the weeks leading up to the big day, and if a “problem” pops up on your face, leave it alone, or consult a pro. Trying to resolve it on your own almost always results in a nightmare.

Consider some pretty ornamentation to tuck in your hair when the veil comes off. Crystals or flowers are most versatile, ranging from simple and elegant, to intricate and modern. Even a vintage brooch can be a lovely touch of “something old” to add to the elegance of your wedding. Remember: it’s the details that keep your personal style radiating ALL evening.

A Fresh Look on Picking a Wedding Dress

We often hear the bride starts out with an image of her wedding dress in her head and searches far and wide to find it. But once she tries on that one dress they never thought of, she falls head-over-heels in love. It seems that the dress picks the bride, rather than the bride picks the dress.

 This thought may scare some of those that may be “Bridezillas” in training; however, you don’t have to give up ALL of your power. Here are some great ideas to think about when you go out scoping for your dress:

 If you’re going for the more VINTAGE look:

This is a great way to keep your family tradition woven into your event. Simply start with a piece of vintage fabric, or a family member wedding gown, and have it reworked to suit you and your day.


 If you’re going for the more MODERN look:

Consider your venue.  Is it glamorous evening affair with chandeliers, Champaign, and sterling silver/crystal? Or is it a garden wedding under the stars with a signature cocktail? Whatever style you love most, make sure your dress suits the mood.


 Keeping in mind the atmosphere and season, make sure your gown compliments the aura of your day. And take friends and/or family along with you for another viewpoint.

 Psst! Want to hear a secret? Satin and strapless is NOT the only way to go. Neither is wearing your wedding gown all night long. Change into a departure gown and make your exit both comfortable, and a surprise for your guests. Take the opportunity when all eyes are on you, to rock a different gown, long or short, and leave with your guests in awe.