Mothers Day is this Sunday, and you’re running out of time for thoughtful gift giving.  Not to worry – you can call (706.227.3777) or email ( the studio, we’ll issue you a ZBucks certificate* in any denomination good towards a portrait session of her choice that you can print out or pick up by Friday.  Bonus….you get $50 of ZBucks FREE added to any ZBucks purchase of $50 or more.  So if you buy $50, you really get $100, buy $75 and you really get $125.  This is a GREAT deal, and it’s only good for the first 20 to write or call, so don’t wait.  You know she’d love it!

*Certificates may be redeemed for up to one year from date of purchase.  May not be combined with any other special.  Sessions are for studio and local Athens locations.  Travel fees may apply if other locations are desired. 




10 Days Left to Make This Mother’s Day the Most Special EVER!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and to really make her day you need to act now!  This year, give her a meaningful gift that she will truly treasure and it’s super easy for you! Our loyal clients have galleries full of favorite images through the years.  And though you may have some framed around the house, or an album or two displayed on the coffee table, how wonderful would it be to present her with ‘wearable art’ of her favorite moments!  We are offering two exclusive Kotori designs:  beautiful sterling silver charm bracelets with sterling silver photo charms, hand-made and waterproof.  And the best part is that you can add charms/images to it every year from new sessions, making it her most favorite piece of jewelry and a special heirloom to pass on!

Orders placed by April 23rd will be guaranteed for delivery by Mothers Day (after April 23 rush charges apply).  We can ship to any address.  We can help you decide which images will look best and handle the design and ordering for you all online.  Call today or send us an email and we’ll take care of the rest. 706-227-3777 or

Jewelry not her thing, but pictures are? We have Z bucks in any denomination good towards any style portrait session (family, haute shots, corporate, pets, et al) and with the purchase of any Z-buck (no minimum purchase) by May 10th for Mother’s Day the recipient will also receive $50 off their art package. Win brownie points with all the special “moms” in your life.

Just call us and we’ll handle getting the certificate printed and mailed to you or to them, whichever you prefer. Credit cards accepted.   706.227.3777  We look forward to helping you make this the most special Mother’s Day ever.

Wishing You the Luck of the Irish

Spring has definitely sprung (well, actually we never had a winter to speak of!) and with it comes our favorite color – GREEN.  Especially that beautiful spring green.  Seeing it all around us now inspired us to go through our files and look for green – and not surprisingly, there was lots to choose from!  We hope you enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day, especially all of you lucky enough to be heading to Savannah for the festivities!!  What a great way to kick off the 2012 wedding season……..

President’s Day: Honor, Tradition, and Fashion

Many don’t recognize President’s Day as a truly special holiday, but every president deserves a day to be recognized with nothing but positivity.

Hope you had a Happy President’s Day, Barack Obama!

But he isn’t the only president we’ve ever had. There are 43 that came before him. And almost every single one of them had an exquisite first lady by their side. Presidents change through the years just as fashion changes through the season. As hard as Presidents may try to remain public political figures, even they have a sense of style and an awareness to their appearance in terms of fashion.

Going back to one of the biggest icons of fashion coming from the White House, President John F. Kennedy knew about style and had his own aura of…cool. He used color, stripes, and whatever else suited his fashion fancy. But no matter what he chose to step out in, he made sure the fit was spot on.

First ladies played a more behind-the-scenes role in the beginning of the presidency era, but with the public being more in tune with their presidents’ life politically and otherwise, they can’t escape the public eye, and the public is always watching what you wear. More recently, First Lady Michelle Obama has been in fashion blogs and tabloids with more praise that some fashion icons since she’s stepped into the lens’ eye. She knows what’s stunning and keeps it simple and classy.

With a president who knows what fitting clothes can do to a person’s appearance and a first lady that knows fashion trends better than some fashion bloggers, you won’t see anything less than dapper.

Sharing the Love Every Day

It seems love is celebrated officially once a year, but we like to make it a focus of our work every day at ZoomWorks.  The love shared amongst friends, family and lovers……it’s the heartbeat of the world that keeps us inspired and full of hope.  Today we’d like to share our love for you……..all our loyal clients, fans and of course, our families and staff without whose support none of this would be possible.  Hugs all ’round!

New Year, New Life, New Hope

You always hear people comment about ‘where has the year gone’, and well, we wonder too, but then we start to think back on all the wonderful moments, the precious children, the hilarious out takes, the glorious emotion frozen in time, the heartfelt tenderness, the beauty that takes your breath away.  Yes, the year has gone, but the moments remain forever captured so that we may all reflect on our lives, and the lives of others and the delicate threads that bind us together.

We thank each and every one of you who has stood in front of our camera, unafraid, and allowed us to ‘see’ you as you are.  And as you can be.  You touch us and change us for the better.

A toast to 2012, a new page and a new beginning.

Holiday Hair

Our good friend, Andrea La Fera Bianco, owner of A La Fera Salon on Atlanta Hwy, had a little drop in holiday party last week.  Her salon had a ‘face lift’ recently and it’s lovely.  Open and full of art.  They book up quickly, but you should give them a try for a great new holiday hair style or color.   Shannah and I have to be reminded that just because we hide behind a camera most of the time it doesn’t mean we can stop being stylish, and thanks go to the A La Fera team, we don’t have to.

Giving Thanks

My nine-year-old niece has a way with words.  She composed this and read it at the Thanksgiving Day table.  I was moved and wanted to share it with our readers.  I’ve also asked her to be a guest blogger, but we’ll see.

Giving Thanks

On a night of great thanks

Your heart comes to call

The items you treasure

Come down from the head

To join you

In great pleasure

The host of the house

Is giving the shelter

Where the family meets

To young from old

Ponder your memories

The ones you desire

Thanksgiving is a time to

Think about what you

Love and who you are

The time of the first

The pilgrims were gracious

They didn’t have much

When they sat down and


So scoot in your chair

Be nice, be thankful

For all that you have

Your family, your heart

Will all come and join

The great feast.

Modern Takes on a Traditional Event

Having family together over the holidays is what we look forward
to the most, and when the day is done, and the last car drives
away, arms waving madly out the window until you can’t see them
anymore, we realize how precious that time always is. And so
fleeting. Making permanent memories are what we’re all about
and we love how our clients individualize their approach to this
time-honored tradition. Here are two different versions of a
session, one the absence of color, the other using it as a tool to tie
it all together.

Andrea La Fera, a dear friend and client for years, whose salon,
A La Fera Salon in Athens, rocks out the most gorgeous hair and color ever,
makes a fresh statement with her son, Fausto, in all white. Perfect for holidays or
any occasion, really. A classic look that will not be dated.
At the other end of the spectrum, the Owens family had fun with
colors and patterns, doing a great job of pulling it all together.
The clothing is a nice complement to their laughter, and warm
moments together as a family.

Be inspired, be yourself and be in the moment with abandon.
What says ‘family’ to you?


The last days of summer are behind us and beach memories still swim in our heads.  School schedules are confining activities for families now, and it won’t be long before the holidays are upon us.  However, with the summer heat that we’ve had, a bit of cooler weather is going to be welcome.

Creating fresh, modern and very personal images for families to send out to their loved ones is key for us, whether it be an old-fashioned holiday card (we still love to give and get them) or an email note.  A strong emotional image is such a valuable keepsake, especially with lives as busy and stressful as they can be these days.  There will be ways to save money for everyone, so stay tuned for updates on our holiday portrait sessions and fabulous products, and thank you all for your continued support this year.