Just wanted to share a beautiful moment heading into the weekend. This image is part of a larger series that we are working on this year. She will represent Aquarius…the water bearer and Goddess of Air and Wind.

We’d like to thank Chelsea, our model, Stephanie from http://alafera.com/, Jeni Smith our incredible makeup artist, and 622 Soirees for their perfect props. Doesn’t come together without the whole team.




When we heard that Meg and Mitch had settled on Jekyll Island, we were so happy for them. It’s the perfect mix of southern charm and casual elegance. Their rehearsal dinner on the lawn was bathed in the light from the lanterns hung in the old live oak branches and the full moon that hung low in the sky.


In the middle of a long lasting winter, the bright blue and white decor and vibrant sunshine brightened all our moods. After a wedding filled with laughter, family and beautiful sunsets, the couple woke the next morning and drove to Savannah to spend it with friends that were not in attendance at the wedding, sharing stories and selfies from the night before!!


Finally, on the last day of their long weekend, he couple were whisked away on a plane to the Riviera in Mexico for a week of relaxation and the royal treatment. What a perfect end to a wedding weekend love story.



Maybe it’s because we’re so starved for color by the time spring gets here, but that fresh, bright green is one of our favorites! And it works great as an anchor color for weddings.

Here are a few inspirational moments from past events. Maybe it will give you some ideas of how to incorporate spring into your wedding design.


Green Details 2

Here’s wishing you a very happy St Paddy’s Day. Luck ‘o the Irish to ya!



Would you love to have your own makeup custom blended for you? All organic products for skin care AND hair care? (Seriously, some of the skin care products are edible!!) Then you need to stop in and see the girls at EliJana and Tella to You. They’re both in the same beautiful historic building in downtown Athens….lots of natural light and hardwood floors! We had the pleasure of working with them on an ACCA project and we had a blast.



They are the only company in town carrying the products they sell, and they’re super helpful in guiding you through the process of finding what’s right for you. And they’re fun to hang out with!


Want to learn more? Visit TellaToYou.com or elijana.com. Tell them ZoomWorks sent you.


As the weather begins to warm up (boy, are we ready for it this year!) our thoughts turn to annual outdoor portraits. We thought it might be fun to just run through some ideas on how to prepare.


Timing – let’s face it, we’re all going in a million directions, especially with kids. Generally, children do better in the morning, and we like to keep the sessions playful. Less structure results in more natural moments and expressions. Whether it’s a week day or a weekend, look to secure a morning session if you have little ones.

Wardrobe – we are fans of monochromatic color palettes, or if you’re a color person, keep it primary. It keeps the images from being dated and allows the viewer to focus on the fun and the family.


Final Product – if you’ve made it a point to schedule a family portrait on a regular basis, think about how they will displayed together in your home. Whether it will be a stand alone image, or another ‘chapter’ in a grouping, considering the colors of the room and the nature of the framing can help us focus (no pun intended!) on what’s important so we get that shot. Laying out these decisions in a thoughtful way ahead of time helps us as artists to be mindful of the orientation of the images themselves as we’re shooting and whether they will be spotlighted in black and white or color. It will also make a difference in the way we approach our composition.


Reserve a time in advance – of course we can’t control the weather, but it’s always a good idea to call early to be sure that you can get the day and time that’s best for your family (like the morning appointment we talked about earlier) and then get it on the calendar. With so many commitments in our lives, having a firm appointment that everyone is good with helps guarantee that you won’t realize at the end of a season “gosh, we’ve let another season go by without capturing our growing family.” We hate regrets. Children grow up so quickly, and photographs are a great way to help document that process, freezing precious stages of their lives.

how time flies (1)

Our studio will be offering some spring specials again this year, and if you’d like details and available dates, write to us at info@zoom-works.com. We look forward to working with all of you again this year!

ZOOMWORKS PHOTOGRAPHY Wins Two Bright Lights Editors’ Choice Award


As a testament to our outstanding clients, and our commitment to producing the best-of-the-best portraiture, wedding coverage and editorial, ZoomWorks is thrilled to announce that we have been selected as a winner of a 2014 Two Bright Lights Editors’ Choice Award!

The award is given in recognition of the those whose number of published features in 2013 placed them among the top 5% of all Two Bright Lights members. Winners were published across many of the most respected lifestyle, wedding and other print and digital publications in the United States and worldwide.

ZoomWorks is honored to be part of this group of talented photographers and creative professionals. Our features this past year have enabled us to increase exposure for our work, and we’re am thrilled to have been recognized for our endeavors.

Here is a partial list of places we were published last year:

The Lovely Find

Holiday Table Frosted Petticoat

Smitten Magazine

Oh Brides Wedding

Occasions Magazine

Thanks to all of the other creative professionals who made these features possible!

To see more of our work, or to get in touch about our services, please visit www.zoom-works.com.


As many of you know, we have a handsome studio cat. His name is Z. He takes his role of mascot seriously, making sure every client feels welcome.That is unless, of course, you have allergies. And then he’ll simply smile at you from his perch outside our studio window.


Following us one day as we were shooting on location around our grounds years ago, he decided that we’d make good ‘parents’ and moved in. He was a thin young man, but he’s gotten much ‘happier’ now. So happy, in fact, that our wonderful vet, Sharon Wong has suggested that we work on lessening his ‘happy’ for his own good. Poor baby.


His favorite pastimes are sitting in the makeup chair (ready for his close up) or discovering new and fabulous fabrics we bring into the studio for projects. Ever the camera hog, he’s sure to get in at least one of your photos if you’re working around the studio.


He’s so easy and a joy to have around with his soft little purr greeting every morning. He’ll even oversee your work on the computer, making sure you ‘get it right’ especially when ‘waxing loquaciously about him.

Shannah had never had a cat until Z took up with us. He’s won her over completely – a fact that we’re sure he’s proud of. Seriously…who could resist that face?


Do you have a cat that works with you?

A Red Hot Carnival Affair

A while back, we had the honor of shooting Kimberly and Joshua’s big day at the Farmington Depot Gallery. Every detail combined perfectly to form a ’50s inspired circus-themed wedding. Want to see more? Kimberly and Joshua’s wedding was just featured on The Lovely Find. Although the snow is looking beautiful today, take a moment to escape the cold weather and daydream of something a bit warmer!




We’ve been ‘warming’ up this winter with Boudoir specials designed for the bold, as well as the shy, among us. If you’re not shy, and love deals, our January special at 50% off will be right up your alley. So tonight, pour yourself a glass of champagne and book your session online before they’re gone. Those Louboutin’s are just dying to get out and be the center of attention!! All we ask is that you allow us to share your likeness in our marketing. Simple.

Don’t want to share within anyone except that special someone? We get it, and we’ve got some great February Valentine’s Day specials for you, too. If you can complete your session by February 3rd, you can get some fabulous new product in time for Valentine’s Day giving…absolutely FREE! Can’t make the deadline? Don’t need it for Valentine’s because you have another great reason to have it done? Well, that’s perfect. You can schedule your session later in the month of February, and still take advantage of the specials to be able to receive free product for ‘gifting’ anytime during the year.

Our history with boudoir is quite varied…from fashion editorials to movies to Playboy Magazine, we’ve experienced what it’s like in front of, and behind, the camera for those interested in posing for these types of sessions for decades. And across the board, the one thing we take away from every session is how happy we are that we can give this ‘gift’ of self-confidence and pride to each and every woman that gets in front of our cameras.


We work with the best stylists in the industry, and always include meetings prior to these sessions, in person or virtual if we’re traveling to a location, so that everyone understands what will happen and be prepared. That’s key. And we’re an all female staff, so from the first contact with us to your fabulous stylist, you will always be in the hands of real women who care.

Published locally and regionally in popular blogs (Martha Stewart, Southern Weddings and The Lovely Find to name a few) and magazines (The Knot, Grace Ormond, Occasions Magazine and Southern Distinction among others), and voted BEST OF by organizations like The Knot and Two Bright Lights EDITOR’S CHOICE awards, we strive for images that are classic and timeless. We want every woman to see herself in an iconic way…unique, beautiful, sensual. That’s why, when we travel for our boudoir clients, we choose top flight hotels and offer excellent products designed with an eye for the modern woman’s aesthetic.

We’ve even created a few Pinterest boards for your inspiration so that you can get a feel for the wide variety of styles to choose from and help jump start your wardrobe planning. Be yourself, or try something different. Here are some style options. Where is your comfort zone?? Manolo and Martinis? Mint Julips and Mary Janes? Cold Beer and Cowboy Boots? Red Zinfandel and Zebra Print? Pink Champagne and Peep Toe Pumps?

We will help you work through your ideas practically so that the end result is exactly what you’re looking for .


Our travel dates to other cities for February include Atlanta, Ga on February 1st and 2nd and Jacksonville, FL February 16-18th. We look forward to seeing you on the road. But don’t wait…we have limited openings in each city. Treat yourself to a session today. You work hard, and you spend more on groceries. And what do you have to show for it? Of course, you could call a couple of friends and book a whole day* for yourselves and really make it fun! It doesn’t cost a thing to send an email. Here’s our email: info@zoom-works.com or give us a call 706.227.3777

Our clients say it best:

“Simply for yourself, do it. A day with Marisu and Shannah left me feeling truly celebrated as a woman. They leave you with a legacy of your own womanhood in artists form.” – Sarah M.

*Minimum of three bookings to reserve a day shoot. Based on availability.

Mallory and Zach in Smitten Magazine



There is always something magical about this time of year, and despite the cold and rain, Mallory and Zach certainly kept the magic alive for their big day. The couple chose to tie the knot at Flint Hill, a restored historic mansion in Norcross, Ga (dates all the way back to 1835!). Thanks to Smitten Magazine, you can view some of the highlights from this gorgeous holiday wedding here.