Well, it’s official.  Our first class of graduating students attending from our Lights Camera Create class were WILD about it.  Can’t wait for the next one!  And we couldn’t be happier.


After talking at length with students individually, keeping the class size small so that each student receives lots of one on one instruction, and gets to participate in every aspect of the class, was very important to each of them.  And we’ve listened.  We will limit our winter session to only 8 students, boys and girls, and there will be five sessions plus a final production day rather than six because of the spring break schedules.  Classes will start the week of January 6th.


Children get to experience first hand photography, art direction, set design, costuming, hair and makeup and then take turns in front of the camera.  They collectively decide on what their end product will be, ie a movie poster, fashion campaign, editorial or advertisement, and then they’ll spend the last full day of production creating this product on their own.


The class leaves room for free thinking and interaction while being gently guided by experts in all of these fields along the way.  If you have an aspiring artist at home, call the studio to check into schedules for the next session.  Creative thinking is a great gift to give any child. We’d love to meet them and welcome them into the world of art and design!

Email or call the studio directly for session times, fees and reservation information.  


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