We’ve been working with lots of families, especially this time of the year, and a call from a friend made me stop and think.  Her beloved dog was aging, and she very much wanted to have something special to remember her by.   I can tell you from personal experience that a portrait like this is one of those things that you will really regret NOT having when the time comes to say ‘goodbye.’  The sessions themselves aren’t complicated.


We can come to your home so that the pets feel comfortable. It takes time for them to relax and get comfortable with us being around – And we’re ok with that.  (Just so we’re all on the same page – Shannah and I are HUGE dog lovers.  I may have taken it to a new level, rescuing over 25 dogs in the last 15 or so years.)

So when the days are hectic and your list gets long, stop for a moment and think about your other ‘kids’.  They are in your life for such a short time, but you’ll miss them forever.  I know that I look at the photographs of my pets every day and am always grateful that I took a moment to record their beautiful faces.


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