We had the pleasure of being sent on assignment to Lake Rabun recently.  Our mission was to capture the essence of the new chef at the Lake Rabun Hotel restaurant.
If you’ve never been to the hotel, it’s a must. Built in the 1920’s, the decor and ambiance harken back to another era……a time of summers spent idling on the lake shore with friends and family, gathering in the lobby of the hotel decorated with overstuffed furniture and well worn oriental rugs to talk about the day or relay a great ‘fish’ story.  Or just sit and listen to the sounds of nature uninterrupted by traffic noise or pollution of any kind.  And you can still do all these things today, unchanged.

Nestled in this little hotel is a wonderful restaurant run by Chef Jamie Allred.  His award winning culinary artistry has gotten the intimate eatery noticed by more than just it’s regular patrons.  After we photographed Chef Allred’s creation, we had the pleasure of eating it. Oh my.  Good to the very last little crumb is all we can say.

On Thursdays the restaurant invites local farmers to showcase their wares at the Featured Farmer Thursdays.  The farmers talk with patrons about organic and sustainable agriculture while they enjoy tapas made from the farmers bounty.  We can’t wait to go back and try it out.
To learn more, and to make reservations, visit their site.  And tell them ZoomWorks sent you!

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