May the best you’ve ever seen Be the worst you’ll ever see…


Or so goes the Scottish Wedding Toast, appropriate for Anna and James since James’ Scottish roots were the source of much of the merriment (and the argyle socks!) during their wedding day.
Beautiful yellow sun flowers were accented with purple hues in the girls flowers and floral decor.  Both Anna and James love the outdoors, which is why they fell in love with Wolf Mountain.  They are both athletes and put their bodies to the test in their sports of choice.
Along with nature, the couple is passionate about having fun and being close to family.  They did a great job of including both in their day, allowing family to contribute in bringing the details together and then providing them when a gorgeous backdrop to dance the night away.  And dance they did!
At the end of the night we felt as though we might have been ‘across the pond’ and loved every minute of it!
Resource Guide:
Catering: Wolf Mountain
Flowers:  The Flower Post
Cake: Publix

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