Primrose and Blue

Amy and James settled on Primrose Cottage because they were drawn to the charm of the grand old home and lovely gardens.  Amy’s dress was soft fabric that moved easily as she walked, and her fresh makeup and soft hairstyle complimented the surroundings and the theme perfectly.
Blue was used as the primary accent color, showcased in the bridesmaids gowns and the floral arrangements.  Little pops of blue even turned up in the brides’ bouquet as well as the cake.
Hand made elements like the sign for the couples table at the reception and the little gifts of candy jars filled with blue and purple sweets kept it simple yet personal.
Having chosen an April date, the couple was certain to have a bounty of color in the gardens, and they were not disappointed.  It was easy to capture lovely moments wandering with them through the pathways of the manicured grounds.
As they were swept away at the end of the night amid cheers of well wishes, all agreed that Amy and James had planned the perfect wedding for them:  relaxed, beautiful and fun for everyone.  What more could you ask for?
Have you seen the color blue used in interesting ways as an accent color in a wedding?  What made it different?
Resource Guide:
Dresses: Bride Beautiful
Flowers: Magic Moments
DJ: Pulse

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