A Best Friend

Having family portraits or wedding pictures taken with animals can be beautiful, but it requires a great deal of patience, preparation and realistic expectations to be a success.


One should be aware that when working with an animal the shoot will take more time and space unless the animal is very well trained.


Brides, if you want pictures of you in your gown take note as to whether the animal will shed or if your choice of location will require extra care so as not to dirty the gown.  Precautions will need to be taken ahead of time to minimize these issues.


To create a win win for both you and your pet, think about what setting it will be most comfortable in.  Is your pet shy or a social butterfly?  If you’re thinking larger (horse for instance) the setting should be very controlled and you will need extra experienced hands on deck to be sure that all goes smoothly.  No matter how calm a horse is, big white dresses can spook the best of them.  Make sure to bring treats, too, to motivate and reward your pet.


In the end, the choice to include your beloved 4 legged friend can create both unique and very personal images that bring a smile to your face each and every time you see them.  And a little preparation and common sense will go a long way towards making sure the process is fun for you and your pet.


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