Add Family History to Your Big Day


Family traditions and beloved objects can add a beautiful touch to your special day.  On July 28th, 2012, Mary Frances Stokely Hansford was wed to John Ralph Kiffmeyer, joined by family and friends and surrounded by generations of family history and tradition.


From the 1812 antebellum home lovingly restored, to the table used during the ceremony handcrafted by the Brides fraternal grandfather, to the piano, owned by the Brides family for generations – guests were never more than an arm’s length away from centuries of history.

The brides bouquet was wrapped in her maternal grandmother’s beaded lace handkerchief and fraternal grandmother’s Phi Beta Kappa key.


And to honor another tradition from the 1800’s, Mary Frances carved her initials and the year of her wedding in the pane of glass adjacent to the previous bride – who was wed in 1870!


The couple cut the wedding cake with the same knife given by the groom’s fraternal grandparents to his own parents to cut their wedding cake in 1968 after a lovely toast given by the Brides father (who taught history at a local university).


This couple truly paid homage to their southern roots with every detail of this lovely wedding.  It was a journey, past and present, in love .



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