Christi and Baxter came to us through a mutual friend and we loved them right off. Their easy manner and matter-of-fact approach to the wedding planning were a good fit for us.


We think this event shows off how one can turn a pretty backyard into a romantic ceremony site with a little help from family and friends.


Great details like the arbor they were married under that was custom-built by friends, the slice of tree trunk that became the wedding cake plate……..lots of textures in the flowers arranged beautifully in a soft cascade around the tables, chairs and at the entrance way – all this set the tone for a simple but elegant family affair. As they excited the ceremony they were serenaded by a brilliant violinist – also part of their family.


Even Christi’s dress seemed like an heirloom passed down from one generation to the next. Soft and delicate, we think she chose the perfect dress for the occasion. And his suit in linen with a dapper bow tie added just the right amount of southern style.


The couple decided to have their reception party in downtown Macon, where they live, with great food, music and a real opportunity to reconnect with old friends. The weather smiled on them – rain threatened but was kept at bay but for a very brief moment during the reception. And knowing them, it wouldn’t have phased them in the least. Their love for each other, family and friends were all that mattered that night. A perfect evening indeed.





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