Happy Father’s Day

fathers day
We have had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with so many wonderful husbands, fathers, grandfathers since ZoomWorks was founded.
 We respect the role that men play in our lives……strength, compassion, leadership and comfort are all great qualities that we can share and learn from them.  Rather than just think of this day as a reason to buy a present or a card, we chose to focus on how the men in our (ZoomWorks) lives have brought us humor, intrigue, tenderness and tears (good ones, especially at weddings) and we love them for it.
It might be fun to take the week before Fathers Day and let the man/men in your life know how important they are to you and your family by picking out a different ‘reason’ daily and telling them.    Spread out the love a little bit.
For us, we thank you for inspiring love and family.  AND for being such a good sport at the studio, no matter what we ask of you.  Look forward to seeing you again, soon!

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