2013_Wolf Mt_Mikella&Mike62013_Wolf Mt_Mikella&Mike6a

2013_Wolf Mt_Mikella&Mike1

2013_Wolf Mt_Mikella&Mike2

You’ve heard it said that ‘once is not enough’ and that’s how Mikelle and Micheal felt about their wedding venue, Wolf Mountain Vineyard. Of course it was perfect for their wedding vision, but they also loved the idea that they could visit again, for an overnight stay, Sunday brunch or even lunch/dinner for a special occasion and relive the day again. Not many venues you can say that about!

2013_Wolf Mt_Mikella&Mike3

2013_Wolf Mt_Mikella&Mike4

Love was in the air and the theme of the day, with little ‘love notes’ tied along the aisle for the ceremony, and sweet musings about love in a framed poster near the gift table. A sweet handmade string of flag letters tied to an old suitcase let people know where to place their well wishes. And Mikelle’s florist brought a bit of bright green into the mix with her bouquets. Her gown, with it’s simple overlay of lace, looked amazing on her. Zoomworks created a soft, romantic hairstyle and makeup palette to compliment the gown.

2013_Wolf Mt_Mikella&Mike5

During the ceremony, and for the early part of the cocktail hour, the couple had a delightful young man, John, sing and we were so impressed with him that we have sought him out for other events! Thank you Mikelle and Michael for the introduction.

It was a lovely party, from eery little table detail to the shouts of joy at the end of the night as the couple ran to their getaway car and we took a little love away with us that night too. It was, after all, in the air.

2013_Wolf Mt_Mikella&Mike7

Resource guide

photography: zoomworks
hair/makeup: marisu of Zoomworks
venue: wolf mountain vineyard
florist jose carly
music: guitar – john amoroso, DJ – Ted Crowder
Cake: Cecilia Villaveces


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