Notes from Marisu’s Journal

Is it true love?

This time of year it’s a wonder that I don’t drive completely off the road craning my neck to take a second look at Nature’s spring display of color and texture. Just this morning, even though the sky was dark and gray, I’m alone along a stretch of highway and ‘voila!’ the gray day turns to bright blue and happy! A huge field of Bachelor Buttons greeted me around a bend.

These tiny bright blue flowers got their name from legends of young men who would wear the flowers after falling in love. If the flower withered quickly, it was interpreted as a sign that they would not be loved in return. And because they were often grown in the fields of farmers (exactly where I found this patch), they were also sometimes called ‘cornflowers’.

No matter the name, seeing them put a smile on my face and made me want to paint the scene. So I did the next best thing…jumped out of my car with a camera.

Just thought I’d share. Enjoy.


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