Bad Kitty Busted

Bad kitty busted
Knock next time, why don’t you……

Our studio cat, Z, is a constant source of inspiration and amusement. Plus, he’s darn good looking don’t you agree? He found us actually. Shannah was shooting one day, down in the river that our studio overlooks, and this pretty young cat came up, curious, and followed her out on the rocks in the water. He stayed with Shannah and the models the entire time, and when they got back to the studio, with him still in tow, it was apparent that he had decided we would make good ‘parents’.

At night he has the run of the studio. By day he stays busy ‘courting’ the sweet young female kitten next door, much to her chagrin. His other favorite pass times (besides eating), are playing with fabrics and hair. Small children delight in the fact that they can pet him without being shredded and he really doesn’t mind the occasional dog that wanders in for a portrait.
Z in sink

What would life be without a studio cat? Certainly a lot less fun. And Z would add that it would be ‘boring really’. So there’s that.


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  1. Great story. Can’t believe a cat is going to walk out into a creek/river! He’s very cute. I love how our animals find us. Love to you both.

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