Taking a little trip to Italy

What’s one of our favorite perks to shooting a wedding? Exploring the town! Last year, we traveled to St. Petersburg to photograph the gorgeous wedding of Lyndsey and Kevin at the Museum of Fine Arts, and in the midst of our travels we ran into a little gem.

lyndsey&Kevin trees
Modern art museum

If you love authentic Italian food and ingredients, and a friendly but slightly chaotic atmosphere, you’ll love Mazzaro’s in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Just off Interstate 275, the original store was just a fraction of what it is today.  But like all things true and good, once the word got out, popularity = progress and the little store expanded to an entire city block almost. 

You can find any and everything your grandmother (if she was Italian) had in her kitchen.  The aroma hits you as soon as you walk in to grab your little cart.  Because you’re so going to need a cart.  Plus, they make their own breads, sausages, sauce,,sandwiches, take home dinners and, wait for it…… GELATO.  Not to mention other sumptuous desserts.  There is even an entire section of shelving, like three tiers, of just vinegar.  Yes, vinegar.  All kinds.  From everywhere in the world.  And there is a counter where you can be served the best cappuccino and listen to old Italian songs while chatting with a stranger about family, food and how to solve the problems of the world.  Beautiful. 

Next time you find yourself headed south through the west coast of Florida, take a little side trip to Italy.  It’s totally worth the visit.



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