Don’t let the chicken cross the road– A tale of redemption

About two months ago, on a sunny day in Watkinsville, drivers by may have been treated to a hilarious moment – Marisu trying to ‘rescue’ a chicken who had fallen off a chicken truck headed for the plant.

The chicken’s ‘pal’ wasn’t so lucky, and Betty- as we now call her- was confused and staying in the area, sitting in the grass beside the road at a major intersection. Armed with determination and a large beach towel, Marisu snuck up on Betty (there were some great folks trying to encourage her while probably snapping photos on their phones to upload to a social media outlet). Creeping slowing so as not to alarm little Betty and send her fleeing into the street only to be hit by a passing car (no pressure!), Marisu froze at the last moment before leaping towards the chicken, towel spread, arms wide, landing flat on the ground, towel thrown over the chicken like a net. Success! Carefully she was wrapped up and transported to the studio where she spent the day before relocating to Marisu’s farm- her forever farm home! Now she has now grown to twice her size, fluffy and white and is laying beautiful big eggs to earn her keep and say ‘thank you’. Or at least anthropomorphically it’s what we like to believe she is doing.

Moral of the story – next time you see one of those chickens stranded, and we know you do, think twice about stopping. They can survive, and thrive, with love and a little bit of scratch. And happily work for their room and board. So what if you end up on YouTube or Twitter? At least it’s for a good cause. You never know – it might go viral and you’ll end up with a dancing chicken video, fame and fortune.

The End.



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