One of the first questions we get asked before women come in for their boudoir sessions is what do I wear – that moment when you peer into your closet or your drawers to try to find those elements of clothing that say ‘you’ + sexy. Not always as easy as it seems. And it isn’t always lingerie – sometimes its a sheer dress, or even his button down shirt – with nothing else but those fabulous Jimmy Choos. But we digress………if it’s lingerie you’re looking for, the Trashy Diva, with two locations in New Orleans – the Quarter and Magazine Street – will get you there. An amazing collection of thoughtful and outrageous styles to choose from and super cool fashion mavens to help you make the final decisions.

When you buy something from this store, you’re going to want to have it photographed. We’re just sayin…… the next time you visit the Big Easy, check them out. And tell them ZoomWorks sent you.

2013_lingerie insert


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