BridalStyle Series…….THE GOTHIC BRIDE reigns darkly beautiful


For those of you familiar with our BridalStyle series, here is the latest……the Gorgeous Gothic Bride just in time for All Hallows Eve.  The core of our inspiration was the amazing Higden House in Greensboro, Georgia.  Jack, the owner, gave us a tour a few weeks ago and we were hooked.   We couldn’t wait to get back to shoot there.

European Floral was called upon to create dark and lovely bouquets and masks for the bridesmaids and a rich bouquet for the bride.  They also provided great architectural details for our reception hall, along with linens and table decor from Higden House.

We got a break with Snite, a new custom jewelry line created by a friend of ZoomWorks, Nate LaFera, and they were able to provide the perfect jewelry for this project.  What a collaborative effort! It was inspiring to be shooting with this group of creative vendors and models……..we could have continued through the night.


But alas, we had to say ‘goodnight’ as the moon rose in the sky.  We hope this inspires you to go all out with your wedding.   What statement will you make when all eyes are on you?


Venue, The Higden House,

Gown and wigs provided by ZoomWorks

Custom Jewelry from Snite.  Contact Nate for more info:

Makeup by Jeni Smith for ZoomWorks

Floral and architectural accents by European Floral Designs

Bridesmaids and groom performers at Canopy Studio.


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