You know how it goes……can’t wait until summer gets here and then can’t wait for cooler weather.  Happens every year.  Thinking about the fact that fall is officially upon us (where did summer go??), we were waxing poetically about the sights and sounds of summer…….the warm nights full of the aroma of jasmine and magnolia, fireflies and croaking frogs.  About how the days stretch long into the night, giving us what seems extra hours in the day.  As an ode to summer we feature the wedding of Chrissy and Ryan, held in one of the most beautiful gardens in Georgia – The Barnsley Gardens Estate.

You can see for yourself that the Bride was beautiful, the Groom handsome, and all the details perfect.  Loved loved the bright poppy colors of the flowers and the bridesmaids dresses against all the green.  The plans called for a wedding in the gardens behind the ruins, where everyone would sit dreamily watching the happy couple say their vows as the sun set slowly behind the mountains.

Well, Mother Nature had her own agenda, and it included rain.  And lots of it.  But the Bride as well as the Staff at Barnsley were prepared with a Plan B, and things got rolling in that direction.  At the last minute, we got a reprieve from the rain, just long enough to pull off the ceremony in the ruins.  We’ve shot at Barnsley many times before, but never a ceremony in the ruins.  It was amazing.  So intimate, so quiet and person.  Might be my favorite actual ceremony set yet.  We were able to get great shots because we, Jennifer, Shannah and I, were literally on top of them.

After the ceremony we had just enough light and dry weather to work with the couple around the grounds, giddy as they walked here and there oblivious of us or their guests for a brief moment.  The party started early and went late.  Great food, and music kept everyone busy for hours and hours.

When it was all said and done, the rain hadn’t hampered the fun or the energy……….goes to show that rain or shine, it’s all about the love, and sharing that special day with those closest to you.  Those that mean the most in the world.

Because many of the guests were staying on property, the party carried over after the ‘official’ exit.  Guess they just weren’t ready to leave each other or the great company of friends and loved ones.
What was the most fun you ever had at a wedding?


venue:  Barnsley Gardens,

cake:  Emi Lu’s Cakes & Treats in Adairsville, GA

flowers:  Pat Doyle

music:  Joel Rabe from Lethal Rhythms

video:  Image Video, Russ Feltman,


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