We created the BridalStyle Series in response to a request for ideas and information about how to create stylish but uniquely personal wedding events.  We based the design of each chapter on the personality of the Bride and created around her.  This chapter in the series was a departure in many ways – but demonstrates that, no matter what your ‘theme’, there are so many wonderful ways your vendors can help create your vision.

With this fanciful addition, the marvelous venue gave us great natural light framed by warm wood floors, and also helps puts a performance spin on the whole affair.  Our model for this shoot was adept at unicycling, so that was our starting point for the vision – along with some gorgeous girls that could do aerial tricks as bridesmaids.  Jeni, our makeup artist, created a ‘doll-like’ face to reinforce the costume feel. Bright colors and an anything but serious demeanor pushed this creative effort to the top.  With popcorn box vases, and polka dot ribbons, giant candy suckers tucked into bouquets and held by the ‘bridesmaids, you can enjoy the ‘show’ at every turn.

We realize that not everyone can or would want to hang from the ceiling or ride a unicycle, but the most important thing we took away from this shoot was that ceremonies are lots of things to lots of people.  And if you stay true to yourself, and what makes you happy – and let your professional vendors help you turn those dreams into reality, you’ll be sure to be the star of your show every time.  Don’t be hemmed in by ‘shoulds’ – it’s YOUR wedding day and it should reflect who you are and what love means to you as a couple.

What character in the circus would your groom want to be?  Master of ceremonies?  The Strong Man?


florals:  europeanfloraldesign.com

models:  MacKenzie, Anne and Mazie

venue:  canopystudio.com

makeup:  Jeni Smith with ZoomWorks

wardrobe:  Canopy and ZoomWorks


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