Best Grooms Gift Ever

The night before or the day of the wedding there is a sweet tradition between couples of gift exchanges.  Generally it’s a surprise, and very personal.  And lately, it’s become very very personal.  We have had brides come to us for the ultimate groom’s gift:  a collection of images turned into a keepsake of the bride as her husband sees her – the perfect pin up girl.  You can’t imagine the ‘thank you’s‘ we’ve received from fiance’s who’ve gotten these gifts.  They vote it the Best Grooms Gift Ever.  So how can you make your significant others dream come true?  Read on…….

*Getting ready

Girls shouldn’t stress about the idea of coming in for a shoot like this.  With an all female staff, and years of experience at Playboy, you are in good hands.  Just contact the studio to get more information and to set up a session date that will allow enough time for us to create your present.  We’ll help with ideas for a style of shoot that will perfectly compliment your personality.  Are you a Glamour Girl, or would you feel sexier in boy shorts and cowboy boots?  Vintage your thing? How about a Vargas Pin Up girl?  Or maybe you are most comfortable in a simple t-shirt and those favorite skinny jeans.  Whatever you wear that drives him wild, we can take it to the next level.

*Tell me what to do please!

You can come solo, or bring a friend for moral support.  We will provide hair and makeup services so that you’ll look amazing on camera and you will be coached through every move, every situation and have more fun than you imagined all along the way and feel completely at ease.  It’s great for self esteem and let’s face it…’re getting ready for one of the biggest days of your life.  When have you ever looked better??? Take advantage of it.  Here is a great link to check out for clothing inspiration: Introducing intiMINT.

*When it’s over

We will be in touch when all the images are processed so that we can decide what product or products you feel will set your fiance on his heels!  There are so many options, and some with super quick turn around times, so even if this is a last minute idea, we can make it happen!

So go to our website, fill out the form and start the process.  Do it for him, and for you.  We’re here and ready to bring out your beautiful!


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