Times Gone By

Shuffling through some old family pictures I came across this photograph of New York City in the late ’50’s taken by my Dad’s mother  I loved the penmanship, so even and precise, and just the serene quality of the moment caught on film.  I remember seeing the Empire State Building for the first time as a young teen, with my brother and my Uncle.  What an eye opener for a girl from the beaches of Florida.

Got me to thinking about how rare it seems these days that people take the time to write – even quick cards.  Instead they do it virtually via e-Cards.  Quick, click, done. Not that I don’t appreciate these ‘techie’ connections and the heartfelt emotions they convey.  I just personally miss the handwritten note, and am always so excited when one comes for me personally, or even to our company for a job well done. I imagine poets or lovers the world over, sitting at tables, in cafes near windows with light streaming in, pens in hand.  Agonizing over every word, careful to convey just the right meaning to make an other’s heart sing.  Hopeless romantic?  Yep.  Guess that’s why I love photographing weddings and couples.  Keeps it real and us inspired.


2 responses

  1. Love what you wrote about NYC. These days I am writing screenplays and yes I write them all with a pen in my hand and a stack of blank paper! I too am inspired by the “old time” evolution of art!

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