Atlanta Wedding creates a Ho’ Down and High Glamour

Laura and Colby’s wedding rehearsal really set the tone for the weekend and showcased the couples artistic easy way with each other and their friends.  The rustic outdoor venue for the rehearsal dinner gave the Bride inspiration for the decor and the food. Invitations and directions to the event were hand drawn by the Brides sister-in-law.   The table settings were so unique, simple but thoughtful in their details.  From the giant bugs, to the bean filled jars wrapped in burlap, to the sprigs of real cotton and a splash of red……playful was the mood.

The buffet for that night was straight up southern barbecue with yummy sides and desserts, cooked on site by Five Star Barbecue out of Atlanta.  There were games and story telling, homemade videos of the couples history mixed with lots of laughter and boot stompin’.

The DJ, a friend of the couples, provided the music while guests watched the sunset over the hardwoods and the Atlanta skyline.

Fast forward to the wedding day, all soft, romantic and glamorous.  Quite the turn around from the night before.  The church is one the family has attended for three generations.  In fact, the bride’s parents were married in the same chapel!  The brides gown from Nicole Miller was complimented by the veil worn by her mother and purchased by her grandmother in Brussels.

After the ceremony it was off to the races…….literally!  The reception was held at the Chastain Horse Park in Atlanta, a rustic well appointed facility overlooking the riding arena and the stables.

Their food was delicious, starting with themed appetizers early, into a full buffet later on. The florists use of all white on white flowers provided a serene color palette.  The live band had the dance floor full right up to the couples exit through a sea of rose petals and well wishes.

Five Star Barbecue in Atlanta

Holly Bryan Floral & Botanical Designs

Peachtree Road United Methodist Church

Chastain Horse Park

Platinum Band

Avenues Catering


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