Love across the Pond

This couple met at a holiday party in London…..sounds so chic, right?  It was and they are.  This couple planned a very thoughtful wedding, bringing together customs from both the American South and England, as well as incorporating mementos of their extensive global travel.  The location for the actual ceremony had very special meaning as well –  the family farm where so many great memories had been created over the years. And of course they excited the ceremony in a vintage Volkswagen Bus!

The soft coral and green color palette worked both at the farm and the lake, where a well-appointed home, large enough to house the couple, their immediate families and close friends provided the backdrop for the reception party.

The global influence was repeated in the signature drinks of Pimms and Mint Juleps and the wonderful buffet included southern specials like bbq and homemade pie a la mode in addition to, of course, a scrumptious wedding cake.  And the toasts during the reception were hysterical.  We felt like we were watching a live taping of ‘Are You Being Served.’  Priceless. And who does the bride remind you of??

Such a lovely couple, and what a generous family.  We’ve known and photographed the Lewis family for over a decade.   We’re sad that this will be the last wedding event, but we console ourselves with the knowledge that there are sure to many more occasions, knowing this family’s penchant for having fun!


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