St Petersburg, Florida Surprises and Delights for Beach Wedding

Growing up near the ocean was cool.  The beach was a safe and convenient babysitter for me and my siblings for years.  Of course, a mellow beach town can turn into a less than perfect scenario for a young adult looking to experience more of life, but leaving can provide great perspective.   And going back to St Petersburg, Florida recently to shoot Lyndsey and Kevins wedding was definitely that – perspective.   The downtown is nothing like I remembered.  Quiet, elderly retirement homes and a few sail boats in the bay have been replaced by sexy, modern cafes along the water facing boat slips full of grand sailboats and elegant yachts. People watching is terrific! There is just a general buzz that’s palpable.  And when the sun goes down over the high rises, music from the bars and clubs provides a lively serenade.  There is even a block party the first Friday of each month with live music, art and food vendors.

Some history on the couple and my business partner:  Shannah met the bride back in graduate school days at UGA when they traveled to Italy in a study abroad group. Common perception for a Florida destination wedding might be a beach-side location, but the couple saved the beach for relaxing with their guests and opted for the beautiful Modern Art Museum overlooking Tampa Bay. The grounds are beautifully manicured, with palm trees and ancient banyan’s whose roots dangle from their branches like hair blowing in the breeze.  And the food……truly some of the best catered meals we’ve experienced.  The Vinoy, a classic hotel from another era, resurrected from disrepair, was the perfect place to call ‘home’ for the couple and their family and friends while there with its secret interior gardens and fabulous modern details. There was a great vibe to the whole event (and some amazing dancing!) What a great time for reminiscing and making new memories as this great couple starts their life together. It was a  pleasure and a privilege to share it with them!

Clearly St Petersburg has stepped up its game and has much to be proud of.  And Lyndsey and Kevin will have stunning memories of their time in the Sunshine State.  More details about this gorgeous event posted soon!


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