Vineyards as Venues

Spring and summer are lovely in North Georgia, and there are so many amazing vineyards to choose from if your wedding design is leaning towards a romantic outdoor affair.  We do most of our vineyard weddings quite honestly in the fall, however, due to the brilliant foliage that abounds in that area as well.  In any case, looking out over rows of promising fruit, wandering down through the soft greens and twisted vines, makes for timeless wedding images.  This particular location for one of our fall weddings last year is actually between Sylva and Dillsboro, NC, at a place called The Cellars at Betty’s Creek.  Great location for family reunions as well.  The view at night, with a full moon rising over the Blue Ridge Mountains off the front porch is breathtaking.  Click here to see more.

One response

  1. any word on continuing weddings at bettys creek. we were supposed to have our wedding there with new mountain event who had to cancel on us because of the property not allowing them to hold weddings there anymore. we were completely set on that place so we have eventually had to push our date back and are still trying to find anything that compares to it

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