Spring Trends Alert!!

Do you know the fashion trends of this Spring? Well, we have kept our eyes open and found them out. There is a style trend for everyone out there–from sporty chic to flower power.

We’re seeing a lot of sporty attire: windbreakers, nylon, and plenty of breathable fabrics. It’s all about looking ready for a run, but being chic enough to rip the runway. In contrast, there’s the trend of beach colors. Becoming one with the white sand or the blue waters through color shows everyone you can be on the beach everywhere.

For the more daring, jewels and spiked, or studded, pieces are booming. They’re electric and are guaranteed to make you stand out as a fashion guru. Not the Evel Knievel type when it comes to fashion? Show your fashion prowess with earthy fabrics and colorful prints. Wear a bright spring  dress and show you know how to wear bright pieces the right way.

There are other trends out there, too. Floral print is great with this new Spring weather. And don’t be afraid to go into mom’s closet, or even grandma’s, because the 50’s suburban style is making its way back. They always say trends cycle back around.


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