Family Portraits Don’t Have to be Staid

The families that come through our studio doors always bring with them a little sugar and sometimes a little spice like the Brenam family!!! It’s not always easy to convince family members to come in for a sitting, but it certainly doesn’t have to be serious and often the ‘outtakes’ are some of our favorite images.  It’s just great to get everyone together, feeling like having some fun, and taking part in the play called ‘It’s Our Life”.  The years go by so quickly – one moment they’re toddling around and the next thing you know they have their own Facebook page.   Slow down those years by freezing them in time.  And have fun with it.  We do!


4 responses

  1. So true!!!! Love this! You have so captured this family.
    Cousins Lilly Ann and Charlie Rutherford were just in a few weeks ago and they had a blast!!

    Thanks for all you do!!

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