President’s Day: Honor, Tradition, and Fashion

Many don’t recognize President’s Day as a truly special holiday, but every president deserves a day to be recognized with nothing but positivity.

Hope you had a Happy President’s Day, Barack Obama!

But he isn’t the only president we’ve ever had. There are 43 that came before him. And almost every single one of them had an exquisite first lady by their side. Presidents change through the years just as fashion changes through the season. As hard as Presidents may try to remain public political figures, even they have a sense of style and an awareness to their appearance in terms of fashion.

Going back to one of the biggest icons of fashion coming from the White House, President John F. Kennedy knew about style and had his own aura of…cool. He used color, stripes, and whatever else suited his fashion fancy. But no matter what he chose to step out in, he made sure the fit was spot on.

First ladies played a more behind-the-scenes role in the beginning of the presidency era, but with the public being more in tune with their presidents’ life politically and otherwise, they can’t escape the public eye, and the public is always watching what you wear. More recently, First Lady Michelle Obama has been in fashion blogs and tabloids with more praise that some fashion icons since she’s stepped into the lens’ eye. She knows what’s stunning and keeps it simple and classy.

With a president who knows what fitting clothes can do to a person’s appearance and a first lady that knows fashion trends better than some fashion bloggers, you won’t see anything less than dapper.


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