Bridal Show Reflections

The month of January has so many milestones…..New Years Day, first snow (at least in the south), new resolutions……..and bridal shows!  How exciting for all those that got engaged over the holidays as the process of planning begins!!

We have participated in many shows across the South, meeting great new clients and collaborating with other vendors in our market.  Looking back over the years we have come to understand that the ZoomWorks client more often than not craves personal attention and quiet focus – elements that can be in short supply at a show.  Since we were going to be working at the studio this weekend, and Sundays are always a great day to be with friends, enjoying each others company, we decided to open our doors and create a ‘Sunday Open House’ party.  Everyone attending either of the great bridal shows in Athens this Sunday are welcome.  Feel free to drop by our studio with your friends between noon and 5pm (want a set time?  Just call so we can reserve that space for you), have a cup of coffee (or champagne!), look at our new products and Open House specials – discuss photography ideas or just enjoy sharing your plans for your wedding day. If you have the November 2011 Wedding Issue of Southern Distinction Magazine, you will see our work featured throughout, as well as examples of places we’ve been published.  Our studio on the Oconee River is a short drive from either the Classic Center or the Georgia Continuing Education Center.   We look forward to meeting you and your friends!


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