Acting Talent Adds Dimension in Front of the Camera

Leah came to us in the dead of winter It was cold and miserable outside, but she brought a bit of spring cheer- and flowers!  Simple but effective, the flowers are one of her favorite types, and they fit the cheerful teens attitude.  Her pups were important too so we had Dad wrangle them in for a shot or two.  They were very well-behaved!

With the pups away, and the stage cleared for fun, we worked through the day, clothes flying, fans going, music playing!  Leah has had acting experience which was very helpful in enabling her to ‘become’ someone else with each new scene.

At the end of the day we packed up the ‘costumes’, put away the makeup and Leah returned to the ‘girl next door’, sweet smile, book bag and all.   Thanks, Leah, for letting us tell your story at such a wonderful time in your life!


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