SPECIAL GUEST: Weds Dubai Gives Zoomworks the Inside Scoop

We’ve gotten the opportunity to have Weds Dubai, a company that specializes in weddings abroad in Dubai and Italy, become a special guest and write a post for our readers. Dubai is BEAUTIFUL and we hope we get the opportunity to shoot over there. Destinations are always a ton of fun:

Here’s their inside story:

Dubai is a meeting of exoticism and modernity in a luxury environment, all blended with outstanding service wherever you go. The venues are simply romantic, on the white sand of the beach facing the Burj Al Arab (the icon of Dubai), or on the golden dunes of a luxury hotel in the desert. Furthermore the cost of a wedding in Dubai is surprising affordable considering the emirate’s lever of luxury.

Getting married in Dubai is a wonderful and unique experience and you can select the most incredible venues. Have your wedding celebrated in front of the Burj Al Arab, in a luxury desert resort, or even on a cruise boat. The perfect season for a wedding in Dubai goes from end September till begin of June, so the summer here is too hot for a wedding and the couple should plan accordingly during these months.

Many wonder “Why should I hire a Wedding Planner?”. A wedding planner gets special prices from the vendors and secondly the wedding day is stressful enough and even if you have friends or relatives helping you out, there are always last-minute problems that can make the couple’s stress even worse without a professional help. Besides, Dubai is huge, so in terms of the services and the list of vendors, a wedding planner knows which are the best ones.

Moreover having guests coming from abroad requires accommodation and facilities and, of course, a bit of fun, such as a safari in the desert or a swim with the dolphins. Weds Dubai can also take care of the couple’s guests and arrange a real Dubai experience, making the whole event unforgettable for everyone.

For more information, you can go to Weds Dubai’s website, or send them an email to info@wedsdubai.com

Images courtesy of Weds Dubai.


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