Modern Takes on a Traditional Event

Having family together over the holidays is what we look forward
to the most, and when the day is done, and the last car drives
away, arms waving madly out the window until you can’t see them
anymore, we realize how precious that time always is. And so
fleeting. Making permanent memories are what we’re all about
and we love how our clients individualize their approach to this
time-honored tradition. Here are two different versions of a
session, one the absence of color, the other using it as a tool to tie
it all together.

Andrea La Fera, a dear friend and client for years, whose salon,
A La Fera Salon in Athens, rocks out the most gorgeous hair and color ever,
makes a fresh statement with her son, Fausto, in all white. Perfect for holidays or
any occasion, really. A classic look that will not be dated.
At the other end of the spectrum, the Owens family had fun with
colors and patterns, doing a great job of pulling it all together.
The clothing is a nice complement to their laughter, and warm
moments together as a family.

Be inspired, be yourself and be in the moment with abandon.
What says ‘family’ to you?


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