Keith and Mimi’s Wedding

Keith and Mimi shared their vows July 16th 2011. The couple wanted something outdoors and not too fancy. They decided that Marietta Square was just what they were looking for! Mimi wanted her dress to be short since they were having a summer wedding and decided to alter her long wedding dress so that it fell just below the knee. So cute, fun and flirty! Not to mention it looked incredible on her! We love this image of her in the chair. She has that certain glow that only a new bride can possess.

This is a perfect example of how sweet this couple is together! Don’t you just love black and white photos? They let the character of the moment shine through and you get a very clear, defined image of that moment that’s just exquisite. And that cake is simply delicious looking, don’t you think? Their wedding colors were black and white with just a touch of red. I think the cake is a great model for their color scheme!

 Keith and Mimi looked so happy here! There are many wonderful moments in life, but the day that you and your partner are bound together by love and trust, is one of the most important steps that you will ever take in your life. It’s also one of the most glorious, and emotional days that you will ever experience!

Have you been to a wedding where the bride wore a shorter dress like Mimi’s?


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