Brian and Reanna: October 7th 2011

Brian Rodgers and Reanna Crumley were married October 7th 2011, at Wolf Mountain Vineyards. The view of the mountains and the gorgeous, pastoral hillside vineyards was breathtaking! Can’t you just feel that crisp, cool air on your skin right now? Nothing beats that sweet, intoxicating scent that a breeze in the mountains brings to your nose. Reanna’s dress looked great on her! She wanted something simple and decided on an elegant J Crew dress. Her hair, done by Allison Wheeler, was softly curled and left long, adding to the relaxed and effortless look that she was going for. We thought the florist, Occasions, by John and Troy-Dee Rising, did an excellent job incorporating the eggplant-purple that
Reanna chose as a wedding color into the cute little bouquets that the flower girls were carrying. They gave such a striking contrast to their white dresses!

Reanna looks so happy here! We were happy as well to be able to capture this wonderful
day that Reanna and Brian will treasure forever. There is nothing more special than being able to share a moment in your life like this one with your close family and friends, don’t you think?

Wolf Mountain Vineyards is a lovely place to gather in celebration of any event, especially their Sunday Brunch. Don’t wait for someone to get married to visit. And if you love champagne, you will be delighted with their new bubbly offerings.


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