The crisp, cool days of fall are slowly creeping up on us. After the heat of summer, that change of temperature feels wonderful! However, for you ladies who are planning a fall or winter wedding, cooler weather may only conjure one thought: how will I be able to
stay warm the day of my wedding? I’m sure the idea of huddling under someone’s
old coat doesn’t sound very appealing. Besides, what girl wants to cover up the beautiful dress that she has dreamed about forever with an ugly coat? You don’t have to!! This little ivory bolero jacket is perfect if you’re searching for a light wrap to keep you comfortable in the chilly fall breeze! The delicate dot lace and elbow length style of this jacket give such a graceful touch to her gown, don’t you think?

Like the look of the bolero jacket, but want something a tad more colorful to spice
up your dress? Then check out this cute wine red bolero jacket! It’s made of one-hundred percent silk and the ruffled edges give it such a stylish appearance! It’s also perfect if you are looking to incorporate your wedding colors into your own attire.

For those tying the knot in winter, this gorgeous ivory faux fur bridal wrap will definitely keep you warm! It looks refined, but comfortable!

What better accompaniment to a soft wrap, than a sleek, faux fur muff!  It’s perfect for an outdoor photography session on a cold day! It’s also available in black. Check out Tulip Bridal for more info!









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