Our Reid Parker Story

We were contacted not long ago by a lovely young woman by the name of Laura Parker.  She sought us out to take photographs at a family gathering.  Pretty straight forward, until we realized that it was the family of Reid Parker, Georgia Faculty Chairman and Athletic Director, who had passed away.  Mr. Parker, and his wife Cynthia, were avid Bulldawg fans and instituted a tradition of wonderful parties for friends and family on game day at his home near Campus. Here, he had lovingly pruned his own ‘hedges’ as an homage to the hedges in Sanford Stadium.  Mr and Mrs Parker’s home will be razed to make way for a lovely new home for their children and grandchildren, and this party was to celebrate one more time at the old homestead which had been decorated in red and black for game day.  Bittersweet to be sure.  There was a beautiful artist rendering of both the old home and the new one to be built so friends could share the dream.

It got us to thinking about these kinds of events in families lives and how smart Laura was to assign such a precious task to someone professional. It freed up family and friends to enjoy themselves knowing the details, the laughter and the tears would be discreetly documented for years to come.  Building family history, one precious image at a time.  Thanks, Laura, for trusting us with such an important day, and introducing us to the family of an Athens legend.

Time well spent.


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