Cupcakes are Becoming a Phenomena at Weddings

Being a victim of a serious sweet tooth, I personally love this post, and Haley Caleb is great to work with. She and I have collaborated on projects in the past, and this new venture is very exciting. Here’s what she want you to know:

Our brides who choose cupcakes for their wedding over a traditional tiered wedding cake do so for a number of reasons. As weddings become less formal (particularly here in the South), some brides just aren’t attracted to the stuffy, formal feel of a traditional wedding cake. Although cupcakes can be customized to look just as formal as a traditional cake, the presentation will almost always be more relaxed, if only because of the absence of the server and the silver cake-cutting set.

Budget can also be a consideration when choosing cupcakes. Whereas most wedding cakes typically cost between $4.00 and $8.00 (and sometimes even more) per slice, cupcakes provide the same gourmet quality at a fraction of the price. Also, because guests can select their own cupcake, there is no additional cake-cutting fee from your baker or caterer.

Variety is just one more reason our brides choose cupcakes–with a tiered wedding cake, the flavor assortment you may choose is limited to the number of tiers on your cake. With cupcakes, brides can choose as many or as few different flavors as they like, providing an assortment that can please both classic and adventurous taste buds.

Choosing cupcakes is a great way for a couple to express their personalities, because design options run from the simple and classic to the extreme and elaborate. No matter the design, cupcakes seem to have an inherently whimsical quality to them–you can’t help but be reminded of childhood and innocence, and simple pleasures. And at a wedding, what could be sweeter than that?

(Written by Haley Caleb of the Silver Lining Cupcake Company)

Check out Silver Lining Cupcake Co. for more information on these treats.


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