Girls Rock Camp Athens Rocked with Success and Confidence

Recently, we got the awesome opportunity to work for Girls Rock Camp Athens, a week long day camp that supports and encourages self esteem and stage presence in girls 8-14. This year, it was held at the Boys and Girls’ Club on 4th Street in Athens.  They even have their own recording studio, which is pretty awesome. Zoomworks donated it’s time to document the week long camp and the final “concert” at the 40 Watt.

This will be our second year working at Girls Rock Camp Athens, and it just keeps getting better. The confidence and self esteem boost that Girls Rock gives to the girls is amazing.  They learn to work as a team while at the same time focusing on their individual talents.  They get to play instruments, write lyrics and perform.  We only wish they did it for grownups. 🙂

We love it so much, we will continue to offer our time as documentary artists as long as they want us. It’s so very interesting to see the different personalities and how they play out on the music stage, figuratively and literally.  The girls who have been at the camp before are really fun.  They have no fear, and many of them are very talented musicians and singers–not to mention their debut on stage and the diversity of costumes and makeup they come up with.  Really, REALLY fun to see boundaries dropped.  The younger ones being helped by the older ones, etc.  And of course, watching the faces of family and friends at the concert is priceless.


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