Corporate Headshots That Help Sell Company Brand

This past week we spent a few days in Atlanta bringing the ZoomWorks touch to the corporate world.  What is so lovely about having been in business for so many years is that clients come to us from all walks of life for our style, which keeps the subject matter diverse and our creativity at its peak. The IMG College folks were just awesome…some of whom now feel like old friends since we spent a week with them in Fort Worth, Texas earlier this year.

Headshots are commonplace, but more than ever now, with social networking sites being what they are, it’s REALLY the first impression made in the commercial world.  Subjects are coached about attitudes and posture (the power of confidence and connection), all subtle layers necessary to give the desired impact in one captured moment.  With previous experience in fashion, attention to detail is never casual….no shine or errant hairs go unnoticed.  We want everyone’s best face forward (thanks to all of you that noticed and commented on that – it means a lot to us).  But it’s what we do and what keeps clients coming back.

Our ‘door’ is always open to any corporation that seeks modern, friendly and effective portraits of their staff.  Just give us a call.


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