Indian Culture Meets American Tradition

When we first met this bride and her mom, we were captured by her beauty and quiet nature.  They were planning an interesting blended event, Indian culture meets American tradition.  The entire weekend took place at a local vineyard (Chateau Elan), which provided an organic break between the bright colored Indian feast of the rehearsal dinner and the elegant, glamorous wedding itself, complete with a big band After Five String Quartet..  And when I say big, I mean big… least 40 musicians, a la Benny Goodman.  Amazing.

Having photographed many Indian weddings, we never cease to be enthralled with the pomp and ceremony of their culture.  The colors, the fabrics, the beautiful men and women in classic garb.  And then to turn the tables completely the next day and see this gorgeous couple (really, really pretty together) in their gowns and tuxedos was very special.  Lauren artfully played up the red in both events to tie them together, compete with a Georgia Bulldog ring bearer (a great surprise for the groom!).  The sight of their guests swaying on the dance floor to the sound of a big band, rich table decorations of deep, bright flowers and softly flickering candles was a picture I won’t soon forget.

Thanks for sharing this weekend and your lives with us.  We considered it an honor to capture it for you as beautifully as it appeared.

Photography: Zoomworks Photography

Event Designer: Edge Designer Group

Ceremony Location: Chateau Elan

Band: After Five String Quartet


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