Simple Camera Tips for Shooting Kids Outdoors

Sometimes it’s not possible to have your family photographer on hand for those spontaneous moments –your kids splashing in the sprinkler in the backyard,or your little one fascinated by a ladybug on the windowsill. Moments like these are when mom puts on one of her many hats and turns into a photographer herself.   Here are some simple tips that might help:
If possible, place your children in bright shade.  This helps your camera and the kids.  No squinting and the exposure will be more controllable with nice even light.  If your kids are having the time of their life in the sun, move around them until the sun is at their back, turn on your flash (your camera may feel it’s not necessary, but override it and use it anyway) and snap away.   And don’t forget to change your ISO, the setting that dictates how your camera will react to light.  The brighter the light, the lower the number.  Outside, bright light, 100 ISO is great.  Bright shade or indoors, a setting of 400 is probably more appropriate.  This will ensure that you get the fastest shutter speed possible, a big plus when snapping the  kids!!!!


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