Wedding Guest Etiquette

Allure Magazine recently published an article about “How to Be A Good Wedding Guest”, which we thought was fun, so we’re passing it along:

Respond Immediately
Please be considerate of the bride and groom. Responding with a simple
“no” is better than nothing, giving the couple an idea of how to plan
their big day. Decide as quickly as possible, don’t wait until theweek before the wedding to make your final decision.  This is huge.  We see couples who have empty tables at their receptions because guests say they’re coming and then don’t show.  The couple will be charged for you, regardless of whether or not you show.  Conversely showing up when the couple’s not expecting you is equally awkward.

Don’t Bend the Rules
Unless your invitation says “and guest” don’t bring your new significant other.

Be Early
Try to show up at least 30 minutes early. Make sure to add in traffic
time and parking. If you are late, be sure the bride has reached the
alter, open the door quietly, and sit in the back.

Be Colorful
You know the rules, only the bride in white! Ivory and cream dresses
are still considered inappropriate. Sometimes black is accepted, but it is not a festive color.  Give vent to your personality with colorful accessories!

Upload Later
This was a fun social media etiquette item.  Even though you caught a great shot of their first kiss, don’t go home and tag them on Facebook before they have shown their friends and family their professional photos.

Exit Politely
If the couple has spent time and money on the reception, they would
love for you to stay for a bite to eat. The cake cutting is a better time to depart. Politely thank the host and consider giving your gratitude to the
maid of honor instead of distracting the bride.

Experienced a wedding faux pas? Share your story with us! Please no names so we protect the “innocent”.


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