A White-Hot Summer Look

Of course a bride always looks good in white, but a lot of people shy away from all-white for an everyday look. Maybe you are one of those people who believes in the rule “No white after Labor Day or before Easter.” (My mother is one of those people.) But it’s summer, so it’s the perfect time to give that All-White look a chance. Here’s our simple guide to get your feet wet.

Start with a piece that you love. It may be your favorite top that you wear frequently, or that new summer dress you can’t wait to wear. Building from your focal item, make sure to pick pieces that not only accent your focus piece, but make you look amazing. Once you complete your outfit, you may decide to add accessories or keep it bare and simple. White takes the focus right to your face, so make sure to bring out your best features with a little make-up. It’s also a great way to bring in a pop of color with either a dramatic eye or a bright lip.

When it comes time to accessorize, (Hey! That sort of rhymed! Tee hee.) go for your choice of metal, whether it be silver, gold, bronze, or anything in between. If you can’t stand to not wear any color, pick a color or a color palette to accessorize your all-white look for a more outgoing look.


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