How to Get Award-Winning Hair & Make-Up for Your Wedding

Picking a hair style got you down? Don’t know a thing about make-up? Even if you normally don’t wear much make-up, having it professionally done for your wedding is highly recommended. Plus, it makes it easier on you knowing you’ll be a perfect 10 on your wedding day.


As with your dress, consider your style AND your venue. Letting your make-up artist know ahead of time if you will be inside, or out, will allow her to prepare herself, and you, for the optimum results. Also, stay well hydrated in the weeks leading up to the big day, and if a “problem” pops up on your face, leave it alone, or consult a pro. Trying to resolve it on your own almost always results in a nightmare.

Consider some pretty ornamentation to tuck in your hair when the veil comes off. Crystals or flowers are most versatile, ranging from simple and elegant, to intricate and modern. Even a vintage brooch can be a lovely touch of “something old” to add to the elegance of your wedding. Remember: it’s the details that keep your personal style radiating ALL evening.


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